Download Microsoft Date And Time Picker Control 6.0 Sp6

Download Microsoft Date And Time Picker Control 6.0 Sp6 9,4/10 347 reviews

Since few days I have tried to apply this ActiveX to my Excel 2013. I made small app for running reports in Excel and I need some way to pick start and end date.

Easiest way to do it was Date And Time Picker Control which is in%windir% syswow64 mscomct2.ocx. It worked perfectly at Windows 7 64-bit + Excel 2010 32-bit. When I moved my project to other PC with Windows 7 64-bit and Office 2013 32-bit it stopped working. Firstly there was class missing, so I registered Microsoft Windows Common Controls 2 6.0 (SP3) in syswow64 using regsvr32.exe command.

It did not help - it was keep saying 'cannot insert object'. Tried another versions of Common Controls (currently SP6), but problem is still there - I can`t put any control to my Excel worksheet. I`m running out of ideas and tutorials, so maybe some of You had ran into this type of problem and have solution?

Microsoft Date And Time Picker

I am using Office 365, Excel 2013 32 bit and trying to add an MS Date Time Picker Control 6.0 (SP6) to a worksheet. I can find the control listed under Developer -> Insert -> More Controls. All cheats for mx vs atv untamed xbox 360.

It's best that you just abandon your search for a Microsoft solution. They haven't updated the common controls for 64-bit.

Your best options are to create your own ActiveX Control by wrapping the Date And Time Picker Control from.Net or and expose the features that you want, or use one of the custom VBA solutions that can be found on. I've used this one - but this one looks better IMO - Even if you can get it running on your machine, if you work at a large company, like myself, you'll never get IT to deploy the fix to everyone. Edit: was getting confused with MSCOMCTL.OCX.

Download Microsoft Date And Time Picker Control 6.0 Sp6

Microsoft Date And Time Picker Control

Hi KMC43, >> this is done and displaying under Active Application Add-ins but still will not work. How do I use this function in 2013?

What do you mean this? Do you mean you have succeed register but can’t add that control? Please refer to Cimjet’s reply to deal with it and check whether it works. Best Regards Starain We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.

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